Current Obsessions | Vol. 2


Downton Abbey – A long time ago I wrote a post on Downton Abbey, but I think its time I talk about it again seeing as how I spend every waking minute watching this show. I am obsessed with period dramas so to have a television series like this makes me happier than a kid at Disney Land. The show is currently on season 5, and I hope it keeps going for many more. During season 4 I had kind of lost faith in the show because my favorite character died so I wasn’t as dedicated to keeping up with it as I am now. Luckily, I am now over the death and am really loving this season so far even though its only 3 episodes in. If you love glitz and glam and the 1920’s then I definitely recommend this show!

Cosmos – Last month, Sean and I finally finished watching Cosmos on Netflix. Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson,  it shows you the wonders and marvels of the world and space through science. Cosmos was so well done I can’t stop thinking about how amazing and inspiring it was. And the visuals were definitely eye candy! Even if you’re not that into science, it makes it fascinating and easy to understand so that even people like me can watch it! One of the great things about it is that it also takes a look at the history of science and who discovered what and so on, which is also probably why I liked it so much. I honestly don’t really know what to say about this show, I loved it so much. Just do yourself a favor watch it. Thats all I can say.


League of Legends – Unfortunately, right as school started up again Sean got me addicted to league of legends. Thus, I am going to blame him if any of my grades suffer. ;)  I’m not really sure how to explain it, but I love it. So if you’re into gaming, and online gaming especially this would be a good game for you if you haven’t already heard of it. Its a lot of fun to play with your friends which is definitely an added bonus. My favorite champions at the moment are Annie and Ziggs.


I see Fire by Ed Sheeran – I know this song came out almost a year ago for the Hobbit but I only heard of it last month. I am so late on everything when it comes to the world of music! I feel like this song is great for every modd. If your sad, just want to relax, kind of angry, it works for them all!

I fought with myself about whether or not I should make another current obsessions post seeing as how I don’t have much to add this time around. School keeps me too busy to really enjoy anything like movies and books. Oh how I miss the finer things in life. hah!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Until next time x


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