Inspirational Delights

eye candy x inspirationI’ve thought about making this post for a long time, but have only gotten around to doing it now. Its a compilation of things that inspire me to create, but also a visual represenation of things that make me happy I guess? Not sure how to explain that one but here goes!

As soon as autumn hits I immediately begin to start planning Christmas presents, and this year is no different. I especially love to look at different ideas for wrapping, you can get so creative! Which is why Pink Frilly’s blog post is featured here. Usually I run out of time to do anything really creative, so this year I want to try something different and take my gifts to the next level!

My mom has a lot of succulents growing in the garden, but I would absolutely love to bring some of them inside to freshen up the house. I always toy with the thought of putting plants in my room, but because I live in the basement I am afraid they will die from lack of light. :( However, I am hoping that in my future house I can use some of these ideas for planting succulents. They are so cute!

Patterns are always one thing that grabs my attention, and this one by Georgiana Paraschiv is no different. I was especially drawn into the use of the bigger gold dots because for some reason, I am really loving gold right now. I mainly like looking at patterns for inspiration on future designs I might want to create, whether that be just for drawings or maybe designing mugs. Who knows?

The makeup in this photo (I unfortunately don’t know where it originally comes from) really got my mind running a thousand miles a minute for ideas on future photography projects. I have always wanted to have a shoot featuring really dramatic makeup, so this one might need to be added to the list of possible styles.

This scrapbook for Urban Outfitters is such a great idea! For some reason it is really hard to find any instax albums here, so I am at a loss as to what to do with my polaroids, but I think this solved it!

Me being a pessimist, I was instantly drawn to this print from The Motivated Type on Etsy. I am trying to have a more positive outlook on life right now, and this definitely fits in to that agenda! I might need to ask for this for Christmas.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, I might do more in the future. :)

Until next time x

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