In the Dark Room: Light Project


Untitled-1    The semester is finally over, aside from one exam and an essay I need to complete, but I am all about celebrating as soon as possible so…. yaaay! I am currently writing this back log of a post because I don’t want to start my seven page essay which is due in two days. Whoops once again for procrastination. This was my favorite project of the semester and I am very proud of it actually. The project was all about light, whether that be painting with light or just shadows from a tree it was your choice. I opted for night shots only and tried experimenting in a few different settings. I remember being so anxious about whether or not these photos would develop properly because I had never taken night shots with film before. Luckily, they did turn out really well, although these shots might not show it. I just quickly photographed the photos with my dslr so I can share them here, but its not the best quality. I was too lazy to scan them.

I shot two rolls of ilford delta with ISO 100. This was my first time using any film that wasn’t ISO 400 but I really liked it. I actually want to go out and try to take more night shots, especially since there are so many pretty lights around due to Christmas.Untitled-2The first thing I tried for this project was painting with light. I wanted to write something but we discovered that it is just way to hard. I usually would test shoot with my dslr first to see if they would turn out but it never looked right. That is why I opted for this infinity sign instead of the billion other things we tried.Untitled-5When my prof first told us about this project the first thing that I thought of shooting were cars driving on the highway. We have only one walkway in Kelowna that goes about the highway so that is where I headed. It was really fun shooting there and it made me want to go elsewhere in town and shoot more traffic. The patterns that cars make are really interesting. Untitled-3After these two ideas were up I didn’t know what else to shoot to use up my film and then it was like a lightbulb went on over my head. I immediately contracted Kimberly to be my model and draped a string of Christmas lights over her. Thank you Kimberly for putting up with my photography projects! I know you really hate sitting still when I am trying to make my camera focus just right.Untitled-4 1I have already had my last class of photography and I was surprisingly emotional about it. I am hoping to take another class next year when I get back from Amsterdam. But until then I will just be sharing my own photos I take on my travels (Besides the next backlog post from my photography class).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

until next time x


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