Current Obsessions | Vol. 3


New Girl – Before last month I had seen New Girl on TV here and there but never really got into it. However, I randomly decided to start watching it when I was bored one day and instantly got hooked! I find the show pretty hilarious and really cute. I especially love watching it for Zooey Deschanel‘s outfits, I wish I could pull some of them off!

Reign – After hearing Kimberly and Tiana freaking out over this show I decided to give it a try because it must be good, right? RIGHT! I devoured the first season and immediately moved on to the second one. Its about Mary Queen of Scotts marraige to King Francis of France. I don’t think its historically accurate at all but I’ll just excuse that for now. And once again, the fasion is just amazing. I am definitely half watching just to see the casts dresses. I loved the first season but am finding the second season a bit boring. I’m sticking with it though in the hopes that it will pick up a bit.


Lana Del Rey – I’ve loved her music since I heard her sing Young and Beautiful for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, but recently I’ve especially loved listening to her. My favorite songs of hers are usually her softer more ballad like ones. I am especially digging Video Games and American right now.

Fleet Foxes – To be honest, I only actually like one song from Fleet Foxes at the moment and that is White Winter Hymnal. Its on constant repeat! I am hoping to find more songs from them that I enjoy. Kimberly and Christine love them so I’m sure I will too.

Video Games

The Walking Dead 2 – Sean and me played this in October and were hooked! It is such a great game. I now love Tell Tale games because its almost as if your watching a movie or show instead of playing a game. They made such a good story line, so intense! At first when we started playing it, it was making me really anxious because I had no idea what was going to happen next, but eventually I got used to it. This is why I don’t watch the show, it would give me a heart attack! I definitely reccommend this game if you’re looking for something different!


Earl Grey Tea – Its no secret that I love tea, but I have never included it in one of these posts and I had to do it eventually! I am especially drinking tea a lot right now because I am studying for exams. My comfort drink during these trying times<3. hah.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Current Obsessions and are having a good week so far.

Until next time x


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