Thoughts From This Semester

thoughts from this semesterThis is a selection of random thoughts I had over the course of the past semester. Now that I have officially completed my last exam, I thought I would share some of them. Please excuse the rambleness of them!

01. Fighting procrastination is possible with a little effort and a lot of work. I am proud to say that I started a ten page essay three days before it was due, not the night before. Go me!

02. Putting in the effort to actually go and talk to your proffessors is worth it. I regret not doing it more this semester in hindsight.

03. Don’t look to other people for guidance on what a good grade is. Over the course of my first two years of University I constantly looked to my family for approval that I was doing good enough and it really put a lot of stress on me. So much so that this semester I would spend some nights so anxious about what grade I might recieve on an assignment that I would end up not being able to complete it at all. It is your education, get what you want out of it.

04. I have decided (over the course of many years mind you) that I really disaprove of how schools run. We focus too much on the grades aspect and not enough on the actual education and making people interested in what they’re learning. Most people are there just to get an A+. This makes me really sad.

05. I wish I had gone to more classes this semester. I didn’t miss a huge amount, but a few that I do regret not attending. Even if you feel like its going to be the worst day of your life, you’ll always feel at least a little bit better if you just get out of bed.

06. After doing poorly on an assigment don’t think “Oh well I’ll try harder next semester.” This never works! Start trying harder NOW.

And there you have it, a little summary of how my semester went. It was tough but definitely better than second year. And now I am just waiting in anticipation for my next semester in Amsterdam! Oh the excitement!

Until next time x


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