The Museums of Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum + Stedelijk


While Christine was visiting Amsterdam last week we took it as an opportunity to visit a couple of the museums here. Because we ran out of time and were busy doing other things as well, we only ended up going to the Rembrandt House Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the Stedelijk. I feel like I didn’t take very many photos (and no photos at Rembrandt’s) which makes me kind of sad. However, because I now have a museumkaart I can go as much as I want to all of them so I think you can expect some future posts on these museums as well. :)


The Rijksmuseum shows art from the middle ages to present day. I love historical art museums like this because its fascinating to see how other people saw the world and lived long ago through their paintings. It is also awesome to see paintings that I have studied in class in real life. It makes me want to visit every museum that holds my favorite works. One side note about the Rijks is that it was very crowded which at times took away from the art. We also had to rush through everything though and didn’t have a chance to see the whole museum because we got there just a little before it closed.

To be honest we mostly took photos of the strange paintings we saw. Some of the things we saw we just didn’t expect and couldn’t help but laugh over them. DSC_0113Obviously this artist had never seen a baby before because this one is ripped.  DSC_0117DSC_0116Detail. My favorite painting in the whole museum.DSC_0118 An apprentice of Titian’s who copied his Venus of Orbino. I unfortunately cannot remember the apprentice’s name.DSC_0112DSC_0143One of the highlights of the Rijksmuseum was seeing the art history library. I am now wondering how I can get in there to study all of the books myself! It was rather entertaining though because when you are looking down into it is as if you are at a zoo watching people studying.

Of what I saw of the Rijksmuseum I absolutely loved! I am now itching to go back and take more time looking at everything a little closer and hopefully see everything that we missed.


I love modern and contemporary art museums because of how clean they look. The Rijks is very dark and somber while the Stedelijk is very bright with large open rooms. The contrast in art is also huge! It is amazing how different modern and contemporary art is to everything else, so simplified. Its somewhat refreshing, actually.

DSC_0151    Piet Mondriaan. Composition No. IV, with Red, Blue, and Yellow. 1929.DSC_0162DSC_0166DSC_0182Roy Lichtenstein. As I opened Fire.

DSC_0185Barnett Newman, Cathedra, 1951.DSC_0154 I wasn’t expecting so many design and house ware (?) objects but I suppose that was a big part of modern art. DSC_0174So in the end I sort of feel like the Stedelijk museum is my happy place. I can’t wait to go back and take a more in depth look!

I think that my next museums visits will be to the Foam and the Van Gogh Museum. Can’t wait! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a happy week :)

Until next time x


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