Bucket List

A list of the things I aspire to do (In order of what I thought up first):

  1. Go to every Disney theme park in the world (Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai)
  2. Bungee Jump
  3. Watch every ‘50 greatest movies of all time
  4. Do Aerial photography
  5. Join a flashmob
  6. Volunteer in India
  7. Learn a second language fluently
  8. learn how to ride a motorcycle
  9. Read 1000 books
  10. Learn guitar
  11. Live in another country
  12. See the northern lights
  13. Build a tire swing
  14. Go to a Daft Punk concert
  15. See a sky lantern festival
  16. Ride in a hot air balloon
  17. Build a sand castle/scultpure
  18. See the Celebration of Light 08/05/2014
  19. Drink Butterbeer
  20. Go ice fishing
  21. horseback ride on a beach
  22. Jump from a cliff into water
  23. Learn pottery
  24. Learn how to knit
  25. Get a masters degree
  26. Publish a book of my photography
  27. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  28. Visit Antarctica
  29. Attend the Olympic games
  30. Travel by railway
  31. Adopt an animal
  32. Be stranded in an airport
  33. Learn how to surf board
  34. Backpack around Asia
  35. Go on a road trip with friends 08/26/2014
  36. Buy a gnome and travel with it
  37. Sleep under the stars
  38. See Angel Falls
  39. Skip through a field of flowers
  40. Go snowshoeing
  41. Go dog sledding
  42. Go to Comicon
  43. Do cosplay
  44. Go white water rafting
  45. Own my own compny
  46. Visit Timgad, Algeria
  47. Send a message in a bottle
  48. Go paragliding
  49. Go camping in the Yukon
  50. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
  51. Have a bonfire on the beach
  52. Buy a Polaroid camera and take one picture everyday for a year
  53. Play hide-and-seek in a mall
  54. Hold a tiger cub
  55. Photobomb a family vacation for one day
  56. Get a henna tattoo
  57. Host a garden party

(More to be added as I think of them)


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

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