Amsterdam at Night


I love Amsterdam at night. As soon as the sun goes down and the lights of the city come on, it has a completely different vibe. Depending on where you go, it can be peaceful to stroll along the canals and watch the lights reflect in the water. But if you are looking for more of a party vibe, the city definitely has that too. I think one of my new goals is going to be to see more of Amsterdam at night, I definitely don’t spend as much time out as I should when the city is so magical. Enjoy these few photos I managed to take at my favorite time of day!

DSC_0025 DSC_0037 DSC_0101 DSC_0103

What is your favorite city to see at night?

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In The Dark Room: Series

DSC_0649   The final project from my photography class was to make a series. This could be done by telling a story or simply having all of your pictures relate somehow, it was up to you. When my professor first told us that this was our final project I initailly didn’t like the idea. Storytelling has never been my fortay and I think it really showed. I had a very hard time coming up with ideas of what I should photograph so this was a very last minute concept. I saw the bull skull laying on the patio outside (Yes my house is full of an assortment of weird things!) and had a sudden burst of inspiration. For my project I used the bull and horse skull as well as some deer antlers juxtaposed with Kimberly to make a series that focused on the idea of death and life. DSC_0648DSC_0650

I’ll be honest, this theme didn’t come to me initially. It was only after discussing the meaning of my series with my classmates during my critique that it really came to me. I originally just thought that having a bunch of skulls was good enough to have my photos relate and winged it. What a bad photographer I am! I especially liked one theory my professor had. She said that it looked like Kimberly was slowly becoming an animal herself and that this was the story I was telling (because of the order in which I presented my photos). Maybe I will stick with that one.DSC_0651


In hindsight I do kind of wish that I had created a story, because I think that those types of photographs can be so powerful. Maybe next time though? I did really enjoy taking these photos thought. And some of them (especially the first one) turned out amazing! I wish all of my photos could look like that! Spot on focusing, which is something I actually have a hard time doing, so proud. hah. DSC_0647

One thing that I do have to complain about however, is framing. I love photography but having to frame each photo with matte board is the bane of my existence. So much so, that for this project I exploited Kimberly’s kindness and got her to cut out each sheet for me. The worst part is that I always have a white boarder around each photo when I print and you have to cut this off. Trying not to cut into the photo is the hardest thing in the world, and absolutely heartbreaking when you do! That is why some of the photo’s edges may seem a tad bit wobbly. Next time I do this I know to invest in a good x-acto knife. Ok, rant done!

I have one more ‘In the Dark Room’ post that I am thinking about putting up. It was one of our first projects but I was unhappy with it because I used Ilford HP5 film that made the photos very grainy. Other than that though it wasn’t bad, so maybe.

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In the Dark Room: Light Project


Untitled-1    The semester is finally over, aside from one exam and an essay I need to complete, but I am all about celebrating as soon as possible so…. yaaay! I am currently writing this back log of a post because I don’t want to start my seven page essay which is due in two days. Whoops once again for procrastination. This was my favorite project of the semester and I am very proud of it actually. The project was all about light, whether that be painting with light or just shadows from a tree it was your choice. I opted for night shots only and tried experimenting in a few different settings. I remember being so anxious about whether or not these photos would develop properly because I had never taken night shots with film before. Luckily, they did turn out really well, although these shots might not show it. I just quickly photographed the photos with my dslr so I can share them here, but its not the best quality. I was too lazy to scan them.

I shot two rolls of ilford delta with ISO 100. This was my first time using any film that wasn’t ISO 400 but I really liked it. I actually want to go out and try to take more night shots, especially since there are so many pretty lights around due to Christmas.Untitled-2The first thing I tried for this project was painting with light. I wanted to write something but we discovered that it is just way to hard. I usually would test shoot with my dslr first to see if they would turn out but it never looked right. That is why I opted for this infinity sign instead of the billion other things we tried.Untitled-5When my prof first told us about this project the first thing that I thought of shooting were cars driving on the highway. We have only one walkway in Kelowna that goes about the highway so that is where I headed. It was really fun shooting there and it made me want to go elsewhere in town and shoot more traffic. The patterns that cars make are really interesting. Untitled-3After these two ideas were up I didn’t know what else to shoot to use up my film and then it was like a lightbulb went on over my head. I immediately contracted Kimberly to be my model and draped a string of Christmas lights over her. Thank you Kimberly for putting up with my photography projects! I know you really hate sitting still when I am trying to make my camera focus just right.Untitled-4 1I have already had my last class of photography and I was surprisingly emotional about it. I am hoping to take another class next year when I get back from Amsterdam. But until then I will just be sharing my own photos I take on my travels (Besides the next backlog post from my photography class).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

until next time x

Back in The Darkroom

Scan10011 I am beyond excited to finally be taking another photography course! One of my favorite things to do is develop my own photos, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to do that since grade 12. Which is why I am taking another photography course this year, and so far its awesome! I am learning so many new things about my camera and photography as a whole. Hopefully I will come out of this class a better photographer. :)Scan10010

These photos are from our first project. This project was all about learning and becoming comfortable with your camera, so there was no real theme. Just go out and shoot! I ended up going for a hike to try and get some different shots and then used up the rest of my film in my backyard.Scan10012

Here is my contact sheet. I love looking at all of the photos and then choosing which ones I should print. Its so cool to see little thumbnails of all your images, almost like on a computer. heh.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m going to be busy finishing my next photography project and studying for midterms!

Until next time x

The Last Days of Summer

Scan10001 (2)In August, I finally bought some more rolls of film for my film camera, but didn’t have the chance to post them till now. Most of these photos are pretty random because I was trying to finish the film that was in my camera so that I could use it for my photography class that I am taking this semester. So, I won’t be able to take any more colour photos till December probably, but I am hoping to learn a lot of new things in this class.Scan10001

Scan10002 (2)Most of these photos I took in my backyard and at the school grounds across from my house. As some of you may know I can find endless amounts of things to photograph around my place.

Scan10002 Scan10003 Scan10004 I am not sure why the above two photos are so blurry. I think I may have had my camera on the wrong shutterspeed or aperture at the time.. fail. But I still like them anyways. Scan10005

Scan10006All of these pictures are making me wish it was still summer and I didn’t have a thousand readings to do. Ugh, I miss hanging out with friends and wandering around looking at pretty things. :)

Until next time x

Secret Stories

dbgtumblr_mypgqlzvCi1r46fnpo1_1280 sf Untitled-1dgPolaroids that I managed to take while traveling on the Olympic Peninsula.

Each image carries its own private story that no one but the photography and model  knows. There is something rather magical about that, isn’t there? Like secrets being whispered in the dark of night in between bed sheets. Maybe that is what I love about photography. The secret stories that become much more special when shared with others.



Back to the 90s


DSC_0057Back with another Lookbook for Kimberly! Its been a few months since we posted on Lookbook and even longer since I posted the looks on my blog what with my sudden hiatus. Its nice to be back. I love sharpening my photographing skills with people. Nature is easy to take photos of (sort of), its just there. While people are a different matter entirely. Especially, when you get a cat that won’t stop moving into the picture. He followed us across the street so we just had to incorporate him somehow. DSC_0066 DSC_0038This look is inspired by the 90s because Kimberly is obsessed with harlem pants now. She has already collected quite a few pairs, but every time she goes shopping she seems to come back with more. Our upcoming birthday party’s theme is the 90s, so this was just a quick practice run for the actual day. She did ok, right? DSC_0049 DSC_0023You can hype this look on lookbook here!