2015 Lifestyle Changes

lifestyle changesHi there blog, long time no posts!

I honestly can’t believe that it is now seven days into 2015, already it seems like this year is going to go whooshing past. Per usual with the start of a new year comes the outpour of new years resolutions. And again here am I battling with myself about whether I should make some or just leave it be. I know I will never stick with what I plan. My aunt told me a few weeks ago that at her gym, January is a crazy busy month and then slowly dies down and it’s just back to the regulars. Proof that no one sticks to New Years resolutions?

My main problem is that I love to make lists and making a list of resolutions is oh so tempting. So tempting that I decided to make a general outline of things I want to do in 2015, rather than a list of specific goals. I think that in the long run its a better idea and will actually help me to change a few things in my life, even if only a little. I want to make 2015 all about being productive and getting the most out of life!

Be more Productive

I started my morning/afternoon by laying in bed till 3pm. I wasn’t even sleeping, just laying there thinking about different things. This is why I think it is very important that I start being more productive this year. One of my biggest anxiety inducing fears is that I waste all of my time which leads to the thought that I am wasting my life. It is not true in the least but these thoughts are something that I struggle with constantly and am hoping to change.

I don’t really want to be specific about how to change this because I know I will not follow whatever goal I set out for myself. Instead, I will simply say that this is something I will set out to change this year. Looks easy enough, right?

Explore More

With 2015 being the year that I go on exchange (Eek leaving in less than a month!) I think this one will be easy to sneak in. I really feel like I stay indoors way too much that it is a tad bit unhealthy. I want to breathe the fresh air and see new sights this year! Another reason why this is so important to me is because it brings about new opportunities to photograph the world. I am very disappointed by the lack of photos I took in 2014, I am sincerely hoping that I can change that this year!

Get Out of My Comfort Zone

This one is mainly for when I go to Amsterdam. I want to get the most out of my exchange and I think to do that I have to start being a lot less self conscious about certain things and just go with wherever life decides to take you. This one is definitely going to be a struggle but I’m putting it here in the hopes that I will try my best.


Those are my two big plans for this year that I am hoping will change 2015 for the better! What are some resolutions or lifestyle changes that you have for 2015?

Until next time x


How to Change Your Lifestyle

2Lately, I have been feeling that I need a lifestyle change. I’m sure everyone knows the feeling. The things that you want to get done aren’t, you feel unhealthy, you feel like your life is wasting away, your goals/dreams are lying dormant somewhere, etc, etc.

After much thought on what I felt like needed some moving around in my life I came up with a plan, albeit a very simple one. We all need to start somewhere though, right? I decided to write down my goals/lifestyle changes into a notebook to keep track of them and make sure I follow them closely. However, the key to changing how you live your life isn’t necessarily all about planning. The secret is that you have to take the plunge, just go for it. You have to make the decision, and then take action. You can’t wait till a certain date to start doing it because then it won’t work (I know from experience).

These are my lifestyle changes that I am going to stick to:

  • Get out of bed by 9am every day and go to bed by 12pm
  • Drink at least two bottles of water everyday
  • Put aside two hours of every day for studying/revising
  • Eat healthier (more veggies!)
  • Do some form of exercise at least three days a week
  • Try to get out of the house at least once a day, even if it’s just a walk or trip to the corner store
  • Make time for me

These might seem like small changes to some people, but for me these are major things that I need to work on. You should make changes to whatever you feel comfortable doing or you think you need to work on. And if you feel like your lifestyle is A-ok, good for you! Go get ’em!

I am also going to write down a daily schedule everyday so that I can follow through on everything I want to accomplish that day. This is especially important if you are a procrastinator.

An important thing to realize when you are trying to make a lifestyle change is that there are going to be times when you’re not going to follow through. We’re not perfect. There are always days when we want to be lazy and simply lay in bed all day marathoning our favorite TV show while eating chocolate. And we need to realize that this is ok. You’re allowed to have those days. You shouldn’t look at it as a sign of failure or a setback, because it will make you fell even worse about it than it really is.

I have decided to make lifestyle changes a number of times in my life and of course I am here writing this now because I never stuck to them. The reason that I think I can do it now is because I realized that I need to in order to reach my career and life goals. But more importantly, I want to do it for me. Growing up I cared a lot about what people thought about me, especially my family. I realize now that this was extremely unhealthy and that I suffered a lot from it. You shouldn’t be doing this for anyone else. It might sound selfish, but you are #1 when it comes to your life.

What are some changes that you want to make to lead a healthier lifestyle?