Summer In Autumn | Lookbook

DSC_0615 Happy Sunday everyone! I finally found a day to dress up nice and post another lookbook as my family is having our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I always plan to photograph more looks but during school I find that all I want to wear is jeans and a comfy sweater.

DSC_0603Lately the weather has been very warm for an October, so I decided to wear a dress and then keep the outfit autumnal with black tights. I find that I see so few people wearing dresses during fall and the winter months, which makes me sad. So this year, I am going to try to change that myself and wear more dresses this season. The worst part of winter is having to wait to wear your summer clothes again!

I have been wanting to shoot a lookbook here for quite some time as the ivy leaves look absolutely marvelous this time of year!  I feel almost sad that they’re going to start falling soon, but thats just life. We have to keep moving forward. :)DSC_0612

  • Dress – Forever 21
  • Military Boots – Payless Shoes
  • Tights – An Online Korean Shop that I can’t remember the name of

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Under the Waves

Scan10008I am finally posting all of the photos from the disposable underwater camera I bought after weeks of having them developed. I’ve never bought a waterproof camera before so I was rather nervous about how the photos would turn out, but I absolutely love them! The quality isn’t all there, but it really does create some awesome memories to look back on and share. I wouldn’t have been able to get any of these awesome photos without it, so I am really happy with my purchase. I am definitely going to be buying another one next summer! Scan10006 Scan10009These first few were all photos from the beach with Grace this past August. We weren’t sure if any of the underwater ones would turn out because of how murky the water is, but they are just fine. I love this one of Kimberly! I am not sharing the other few we took because the view is just way off. We were trying to take underwater selfies but unfortunately discovered another dilemma with these cameras. The view finder is different from where the lens is. :(  waterslideAll of these are from the roadtrip with Tiana. I used most of my film up on these because I thought it was going to be the last chance to use the camera. They look so cool though! You can really tell we were having a good time acting like kids again. :)Scan10007And this last one is from Seans pool in Maple Ridge. I was tempted to buy another one just for my time in Maple Ridge because of how bright his pool always is. Could have gotten some more awesome photos. Ah well, I will just have to wait till next summer.

P.S. Please excuse the crud on the corner of some of the photos. I accidently spilled tea on them :(

The Last Days of Summer

Scan10001 (2)In August, I finally bought some more rolls of film for my film camera, but didn’t have the chance to post them till now. Most of these photos are pretty random because I was trying to finish the film that was in my camera so that I could use it for my photography class that I am taking this semester. So, I won’t be able to take any more colour photos till December probably, but I am hoping to learn a lot of new things in this class.Scan10001

Scan10002 (2)Most of these photos I took in my backyard and at the school grounds across from my house. As some of you may know I can find endless amounts of things to photograph around my place.

Scan10002 Scan10003 Scan10004 I am not sure why the above two photos are so blurry. I think I may have had my camera on the wrong shutterspeed or aperture at the time.. fail. But I still like them anyways. Scan10005

Scan10006All of these pictures are making me wish it was still summer and I didn’t have a thousand readings to do. Ugh, I miss hanging out with friends and wandering around looking at pretty things. :)

Until next time x

Without A Camera

Some days don’t need cameras.

Like the day I was feeling low so Sean and I decided to go for a late night bike ride. Then Sean came up with the brilliant idea to ride to the movie theatre to see Guardians of the Galaxy. The bike ride was tough, forty minutes mostly up hill, but we got there eventually. It was just the thing to cure anyones low spirits. The best part of the night however was sitting in Tim Hortons nursing our drinks as we discussed the film. Then riding to Thrifty Foods, buying a bunch of snacks and sitting outside of a closed Dairy Queen eating till we filled our stomachs. We didn’t get home till 3am, but it was all worth it. Theres nothing like riding a bike in the cool night air. It is so freeing.

Those are the nights worth remembering and I didn’t need a camera to do it.

Or when Sean and I decided to go rafting in the river across from his house. The water was freezing and our rafts unstable but the sun was shining and our hearts full of adventure. We had a few scrape ups along the way. The most memorable being the log that just so happened to go across the whole river. Thinking that I could simply grab on to the log and guide myself to the part where I could go under was a foolish mistake. The raft went under the log whilst I tumbled into the water. Unbeknownst to us then, it was a happy coincidence. We sat on that log in the middle of the river for a long time. We talked of how beautiful the river was with the trees lining its shores offering shade as vines grew up there trunks. We made it to our final destination only to go one more round just for the hell of it. We even found a nice swimming hole with lots of minnows!

That was one of the best days of the summer and I didn’t need a camera to remember it.

Sean once told me that (he thought) the reason I always took pictures of everything was to make me feel as though I am constantly doing something. Constantly creating memories and keeping busy. When I heard this I immediately waved it away as anything but the truth. But, the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize there was some truth to it. I get anxious when I am not doing something. I constantly worry about when I am old and look back at my life, I will regret not doing enough.  I try to create memories with photographs when I should be creating memories by being in the moment. Photographs can come later.

So here I am, learning how to be without a camera.

Cross Roads | Lookbook

DSC_1020Today we photographed another outfit for Kimberly’s lookbook. Everyone always tells Kimberly that she needs to buy some brighter clothes. Most if not all of her clothes are black and grey! Its kind of depressing, especially in summer, but at least its still edgy and stylish. Since summer is wrapping up we can finally start wearing boots again (yay!). But we didn’t want to overdo it so a light muscle tee brings the whole outfit together for the end of summer. DSC_1003DSC_1033

Top – Forever 21 | Tights – American Eagle | Military Boots – Spring

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Photo Diary | July

DSC_0351 DSC_03631 DSC_0472 DSC_0473 DSC_0489 DSC_0501 DSC_05061. Celebrated Canada Day by seeing the local fireworks on Okanagan Lake.

2. My dad bought a lot of chicks that he forced me to take photos of. Always need to capture them before they get ugly!

3. Kimberly and I went out for drinks with Stacy to catch up. I love a good bellini!

4. Went out with Iman after not seeing her for months. And of course we went to the best sushi place in town, Momos.

5. Had a lovely family picnic at the beach. Sometimes simple meals with the family are the best. :)

Currently I am residing in Maple Ridge, trying to relax before the end of summer. Sean and I are obsessed with Kitchen Nightmares now and all of our time is taken up by it. It has sort of inspired us to start cooking. The hard part is actually starting though….

Hope everyone had a wonderful July as well!

The Happy List | Vol. 2


  1. Feeling confident
  2. Planning trips abroad
  3. When the last sentence to a book is perfect
  4. The smell of summer evenings
  5. Deep conversations that come out of no where
  6. Long walks
  7. Watching the sun rise after staying up all night
  8. Cuddling with Sean
  9. Discovering new beaches on the coast
  10. Thunder storms

Recently, my emotions have been rising and falling like the wind. One moment I’m content and happy while the next I’m feeling down and stressed.  I don’t have a reason for these moody episodes, other than it is probably due to my negative way of thinking. I assume too much without confirming anything and let these accusations stew. I’m working on it. Or pretending to at least. I thought that another edition of the Happy List would be a perfect (temporary) solution to my problems. At the moment I am spending some time at my boyfriends house in Maple Ridge. Our days are filled with swimming pools, tea, and netflix. Other than my negative thoughts, it is pure bliss.

I hope everyone is having a fun filled July!