The Sunday Currently | Vol. 6

DSC_0815C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I am still on a binge of novels that take place in Europe even though I am actually in Europe now. Might as well fill every part of my day with something European while I am here so that I know I spent my time wisely!

W R I T I N G a journal/diary of my days in Amsterdam and am so far loving it! It feels really good to write with pen and paper instead of with a keyboard. I am mostly doing this so that I can look back on my thoughts and feelings when I leave this beautiful city. -cue tears-

L I S T E N I N G to Ariana Grande. I can’t believe I just admitted that. Every time one of my room mates plays music in the kitchen Break Free is bound to come on, and I secretly love it. Its my guilty pleasure music.

T H I N K I N G about home and summer and friends and endless days and nights. Can you tell I am still feeling a little homesick?

S M E L L I N G cooked mushrooms and eggs. I looove the smell of mushrooms cooking.

W I S H I N G that my homesickness would go away. The struggle is real.

H O P I N G that I meet some more people here. The people I have met so far are great, but I am still feeling rather lonely. So I am hoping to fill the void with more people.

W E A R I N G  tights and a shirt with a cat on it. Oh yeah.

L O V I N G fries with Belgium mayonnaise. I want some right now… It is unfortunate that I am trying to lose weight at the moment.

W A N T I N G more people to come and visit me. So far Christine is coming in a week, Sean is coming in April, Kimberly is coming in June, and my parents might be coming in May or June as well. March is completely open people. Come visit me!

N E E D I N G a hug. A hug from Sean to be more specific.

F E E L I N G refreshed after going for a walk under the sun.

C L I C K I N G on reviews of places to see and visit in Amsterdam. I am still so lost in this city. Any recommendations of things to do would be highly appreciated :)

I hope that everyone, wherever you are, has a most fabulous Sunday. I will be spending mine partying with my room mates as it is one of their birthdays.

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 5

DSC_0662C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. I decided on this novel because after I read A Farewell to Arms it made me desperately want to travel Europe, so I figured Hemingway’s other novels might have the same effect. I am happy to say that I was right and now I am aching to walk the streets of Paris.

W R I T I N G lists. An exorbitant amount of lists! I thought that since this isn’t some small vacation and I am going to be living in Amsterdam for 5 months I should probably prepare (at least a little bit) instead of doing some last-minute packing the night before.

L I S T E N I N G to nothing much at the moment. Haven’t been in any sort of mood where I want to listen to music.

T H I N K I N G about all the last-minute things I need to prepare before I set off next week. This is where I chastise myself for being the best procrastinator in the world.

S M E L L I N G shea body butter. So delicious! You can say that about a scent, right?

W I S H I N G That I knew everything that is going to happen when I arrive in Amsterdam. I don’t like surprises, at least not the kind of surprises I am currently thinking about. Even thought exchange is a positive thing, I always sort of expect the worst. Damn my negative thinking!

H O P I N G that exchange will be a great experience.

W E A R I N G  my PJs. My favorite outfit recently.

L O V I N G All of the home cooked meals that my dad makes. I didn’t realize till the other day how much I will miss his cooking when I’m away. I am savouring every last bite while I can.

W A N T I N G to go on a shopping spree. But alas, I need to save money for important things like tuition and dorm feels.

N E E D I N G More money so I can successfully travel every place that I want to while I am in Europe.

F E E L I N G nervous and excited and apprehensive and sad annnd. I should probably stop there.

C L I C K I N G on all of my favorite blogs in bloglovin. Seriously my new favorite site.

I hope everyone had an amazing Sunday! I spent mine playing The Old Republic with Sean.

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 4

C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G Empty Mansions. I have run out of my own books to read and have moved onto Kimberly’s bookshelf. Most of her books consist of biographies and that sort, which I don’t usually read. But as I love history its a great change of pace.

W R I T I N G a lot of to-do lists. I have so many projects to complete before the semester ends in three weeks and of course I need to keep track of all my application forms that I have yet to complete for exchange. The list just keeps getting longer!

L I S T E N I N G to a lot of classical music recently. I had never tried the Spotify radio before so I decided to give it a go. I couldn’t decide on a genre so I picked classical music and have surprisingly been really enjoying it. I never disliked it, but I never payed too much attention to it either. I find that it is super awesome for studying or writing essays. Just a tip. ;)

T H I N K I N G about anxiety and how I should deal with it. This semester has really been a tough one for me and to be honest, I am not handling it well. I need to look up more ways to cope with it. Oh what university does to people!

S M E L L I N G my favorite candle! It is almost gone and this makes me so sad! I wish we had a Yankee Candle shop here! The best place to buy candles here is Bath and Body Works but most of them give me a headache.

H O P I N G that I don’t just shut down before my exams.

W E A R I N G  my PJs. Long weekends are all about laying in bed and watching Netflix afterall!

W A N T I N G This semester to be over so I can relax for two months.

N E E D I N G to get my priorities straight. Less Netflix, more studying.

F E E L I N G nervous about moving to Amsterdam by myself. I am taking the big plunge!

Mostly my Sunday consisted of watching Reign and drinking tea. Very relaxing. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Sunday as well. :)

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 3

C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G blog posts, art history readings, psych text, the usual.
W R I T I N G art history papers. The work never ends!
L I S T E N I N G to a whole range of music. I am trying to collect more songs to put in my music library.
T H I N K I N G about how I want to be more creative. Whether thats doing more crafts, drawing, or taking more photographs we will just have to wait and see.
S M E L L I N G the fall air. It is so distinct compared to the other seasons, I love it!
W I S H I N G That I could know if I got into the University of Amsterdam or not right now.
H O P I N G that everything with my exchange works out. Its all in their hands now.
W E A R I N G  my PJs. Its a cozy day of studying.
L O V I N G League of Legends. My boyfriend got me hooked and now I can’t stop playing. My school work is definitely going to suffer because of this.
W A N T I N G to draw more. I’ve decided to draw something every day to sharpen my skills.
N E E D I N G to stop procrastinating. Per usual.
F E E L I N G worried about my art history presentation next week. Mostly because I haven’t started it. hehe :3
C L I C K I N G on all the pretty things in Threadless and Society 6. I want it all!

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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

cropped-dsc_0015.jpgC U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G The Last of the Mohicans. Its ok, although I don’t think it will be as good as the movie. That epic soundtrack beats everything!
W R I T I N G 3 good things that happen everyday. Its a technique I learned form a friend for depression, so far its letting me see things from a new perspective.
L I S T E N I N G to a lot of sad music even though I would prefer something happier.
T H I N K I N G about how there are so many things I have to do tomorrow before we go to Vancouver on Tuesday. Yay for procrastination!
S M E L L I N G the summer night air. So refreshing.
W I S H I N G that summer was longer.
H O P I N G that this school year will be better than the last.
W E A R I N G jeans and a striped blouse.
L O V I N G all of my notebooks! I have way too many…
W A N T I N G Sean to comeback to Kelowna soon.
N E E D I N G to get my Learners driving license so I don’t feel so isolated.
F E E L I N G really hungry. Even though I just ate.
C L I C K I N G on all of my favorite blogs.

I feel sort of sad that this will be the last Sunday Currently on Siddathornton’s blog, but she really came up with a neat idea! I love how blogging ideas can be shared like this :)

The Sunday Currently


I recently found this link up post on Siddathornton’s blog and thought it was such a great idea, I would have to try it myself. I eagerly awaited for the next Sunday I could post it, and here it is! Sometimes its great to share simple posts with the world, not everything has to be all jazzed up. Also, I like lists.

C U R R E N T L Y . . .
R E A D I N G Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. I unknowingly already read the second volume of the trilogy, whoops.
W R I T I N G this blog post.
L I S T E N I N G to the rain falling outside.
T H I N K I N G That I need to be more productive with my time.
S M E L L I N G the rain mixing with the earth. I love this smell.
W I S H I N G my boyfriend was here right now. Thinking about how we’ll have to have a long distant relationship when I go to Amsterdam is a depressing thought.
H O P I N G I get the classes I want this semester.
W E A R I N G my pajamas. Its a lazy kind of day.
L O V I N G all of the flowers in our garden. Summer really is the best time of year.
W A N T I N G to go visit Rainbow falls again with the family.
N E E D I N G to find a job so I don’t go broke whilst on exchange.
F E E L I N G sad because I wasted the day by laying in bed for most of it.

Have a happy Sunday!