Ellipsis: UBCO Grad Show

1Last weekend Christine and I decided to venture out of the house to go see the UBCO fine arts grad shoe, Ellipsis. It was interesting to see what kind of art the students were making since Christine and Stacy’s grad shows a few years back and to see how its changed. DSC_0022DSC_0012The above artwork was our favorite of the entire show. I love how realistic the oil looks dripping over the womens body. DSC_0004 DSC_0008The show was fun however, a lot of the art we didn’t actually enjoy. Some had interesting concepts while others were just a big no. Most of the pieces seemed to be lacking something to push it to where it needed to go.  DSC_0014 DSC_0021It will be interesting to see how the 4th year students change again next year and what concepts they come up with. For the past couple of years we have missed this show, and I plan to change that starting with this year.


Buried Alive

I am being buried alive with homework and readings. I knew university was going to be a big step up from high school, but I didn’t expect it to be this overwhelming. Its only the end of the 3rd week and I am already insanely stressed out. And it doesn’t help that whenever I tell someone I have six courses for my first semester they tell me I am crazy.Other than that, I’m really enjoying university haha.

I don’t mind any of my courses, I actually love them all! (Except bio….) The only problem with them is SO. MUCH. WRITING. I suppose thats what I get for wanting to be an art history major.

Speaking of courses, they are:

  1. Japanese
  2. English (Readings in Short fiction and the Novel)
  3. Art and Visual Cultures of the World
  4. Creative and Critical Forum
  5. New Media
  6. Evolution and Ecology

Seriosuly, my bio class is the most boring thing in the world. Not to mention I already learned all of this in grade 11 bio! Still so mad that I need to take two sciences courses….

Okay have to get back to studying. Japanese quiz on Monday, 2 essays due and 2 art history responses for Tuesday. Oh and a photoshop project as well. This means no life for the whole weekend!


In a Cloud of Colour

Last Friday I participated in the Colour Run at UBCO. I didn’t know a thing about it except that I wanted to participate in at least one event in my first week of university. And so this was my one event. I’m almost sad I didn’t participate in anything more but the first week of classes itself was exhausting.

So to sum up my day of the Colour Run. My classes ended at 11:30am and I pretty much waited around UBCO for almost 5hrs waiting to participate. I was originally supposed to do it with Julie but she ditched and I almost gave up on going too but I found another friend to go with. Thank goodness! Actually waiting around with Sam was lots of fun too. I pretty much just remember walking around talking about nerdy things haha.

The Colour Run itself was actually not what I expected at all. First of all, there was no running involved, lots of colour though! All of us participating gathered around in one large group (in our white shirts) with each a bag of colorful powder in hand. Then, on the count of three we all threw the bags in the air! I honestly couldn’t see the person in front of me (And we were super tightly packed!) thats how much powder was in the air. It was just like this strange purple fog rolled in. Other than that I breathed in A LOT of the powder and now I’m pretty sure my lungs are a very bright orange, purple and blue. It was awesome to see the effect that the color had on all of us afterwards though. Everything I was wearing was completely covered and I couldn’t actually see the skin on my feet, they were so purple! After that we went around looking for bags that weren’t completely empty and just threw them at each other haha. There were events afterwards like a slip n’ slide, but we didn’t take part in those. Watching was enough fun. Plus, it didn’t look safe with 20 people going down the slip n’ slide at once…..

I wish I had brought my camera because I’m sure I would have caught some awesome moments, but maybe if they have the same event next year I’ll pop by.

I have to say, it was definitely worth every toxic breathe I took! I hope there will be more fun events such as this throughout the year! (And now thinking on it, I wonder what all the people on the bus thought of me all dyed like that haha….)

After All of That

Tomorrow is finally my first day of university. After all of the stressing I did over the last two years about where I would go the day has finally come. In some ways, it is the beginning of a new chapter in my life (clicheeeee), and hopefully a good one.

Ever since my two eldest sisters went to university I have always wanted to go. Since grade 6. And then finally the other day i asked myself, why do I want to go to university? Elementary, middle, high school, thats all mandatory schooling. University is optional. You choose to go. And i wondered, why would I want to go through 4 more years of schooling (plus 2 more to get my masters). Why do I want to suffer through assignments and lectures, presentations and exams? Why am I choosing to put myself through all of this when I already did 12 years of it?

And that is when I began to panic.

In some ways I still don’t know why I would choose to go to 4 more years of schooling. But yet, I’ve always wanted a higher education. I want to learn as much as I can about the world and my surroundings. University is just one such way of gaining that higher education. Even through all the torturous assignments and exams, I still love school. It took me awhile to figure it out but I got there.

So really, I am extremely excited for tomorrow! (With a side of extreme nerves, of course)

Degree in a Day

Yesterday I, along with Julie, attended UBC Okanagans Degree in  a Day program.

One of the best parts of the day was definitely the free sushi from Julies parents (Yaaay, thanks again!), but that aside I really learned a lot about UBCO and it made me extremely excited for next September (Assuming I get in of course -crosses fingers-)! Not only that but the day made me less apprehensive about what university will really be like.

Being there for nearly 7hrs made me realize what a great sense of community they have. They have so many clubs to join and volunteer opportunities that I’m sure there will be no problem making friends. Which I think is always somewhat of a worry hehe. Actually I think what I was most interested in learning about was their Go Global program. I definitely want to do an exchange at some point in my university career and this program seems so accessible that I can’t wait to research more on it.

Another great part of the day was the mock lecture we had. Being able to sit in a lecture theatre and talk to a real professor was really interesting and informative on how schooling changes from high school to university. Not only that but the lecture was focused on psychology which was definitely a plus for me as I have my psych AP exam in less than two months!

However, I think my favorite part of the day was just being able to talk to current students and hear about their experiences. They all seemed to really enjoy their time at UBCO and some who were in fourth year said they were actually really sad that it was coming to an end.

I’m really glad that I decided to participate in this days events. And now I’m just super excited! Minus the fact that university is kind of stressful, but we even got tips on how to cope with that stress so I suppose I am semi-prepared for what is to come.

Here we go

Yesterday I took my first step to applying for university! It was rather nerve wracking yet exciting as you don’t know what the outcome will be but I’m sure it will turn out fine. I’m doing great in school this year so feel very confident with getting in. Now watch me not get in ha.ha.ha…..

I applied to UBCO and was planning on applying to a couple others in BC but my parents won’t let me because they don’t want to pay the application fee. Then I tried telling them how you need a couple back ups in case you don’t get in but then they had to compare me to my sisters and how they only applied to one. This is when it really sucks being the youngest, always having to be compared!

I guess its fine though because even if I did get in to the other ones I was only planning on going to UBCO anyways. Way more convient because I can live at home so get to save a lot of money that way! And probably a lot more comfortable for studying too. Plus my mom finally excepted my plan of transferring over to UBC after a couple of years so we’re all set! She even said I could transfer after one year :D So happy!

Even though UBCO is a sub uni of UBC, UBC is in reality my dream university. The setting says it all, I love Vancouver! And the campus is gooorgeous! They are also one of the top universities so I feel it would be a great learning experience to be a part of. Hopefully all works out and I’ll be on my way there soon!