Amsterdam at Night


I love Amsterdam at night. As soon as the sun goes down and the lights of the city come on, it has a completely different vibe. Depending on where you go, it can be peaceful to stroll along the canalsĀ and watch the lights reflect in the water. But if you are looking for more of a party vibe, the city definitely hasĀ that too. I think one of my new goals is going to be to see more of Amsterdam at night, I definitely don’t spend as much time out as I should when the city is so magical. Enjoy these few photos I managed to take at my favorite time of day!

DSC_0025 DSC_0037 DSC_0101 DSC_0103

What is your favorite city to see at night?

Until next time x


Oh so long ago

Been a hectic last few days with essays and tests to write but thank goodness that is over for now! Only one week left of school then its the holidays for two weeks; we can all relax and try not to stress out about the coming semester… argh…

I can’t believe its already the 10th of December because I’ve been meaning to post a photodiary from November! This year is going by too fast for its own good.

My dads 66th birthday, come and gone. Heres to getting younger every year! (ps. you know you’re a great photographer when you’re taking a picture and get captured in a reflection. kk)

In a lot of these photos I was trying to capture the last of autumn.

I need to take more photos capturing the flow of water, it really is a beautiful thing.

Julie celebrating the first snow day of the year! Unfortunately, it has now all melted and we haven’t seen an ounce of snow since :(

I am now hoping a white blanket of snow will soon cover the ground. Then it will really feel like Christmas is on its way!